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We constantly hear how there is an obesity epidemic.  Everyone overeats, we are too accustomed to fatty fast food, and our portions are out of control.  If so many of us are overweight, why is it so hard to find nice, trendy, affordable plus sized clothing? You would think if there were so many people in need of plus sized clothing, your options would be numerous, varied, and reasonably inexpensive.  For many years, women in particular had very few options when it came to plus size dressing.  One or two specialty shops existed, where the clothing was cheaply made, expensive to buy, and in loud patterns designed to disguise and distract.

While there are still a number of obstacles to obtaining fashionable, affordable plus sized women’s clothing, things are getting better.  You are no longer forced to wear the loud print, cheap looking polyesters that have been the plus sized woman’s only option for so long.  Plus sizes are turning up in department stores – although some not quite plus sized enough – and in specialty shops, and there is a definite trend in making the clothes more current, more hip, and more wearable.  Women in plus sizes are free from having to dress like someone’s grandmother – unless they choose to – and for the most part, can find some of today’s hottest styles available in plus sizes.

Plus sizes are out there, you just have to know where to go and what to look for.  Arm yourself with some internet coupons or bulk mailed promotions, and it’s time for plus sized women to shop ‘til we drop!

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